Parental Involvement

District Parental Involvement Coordinator ~ Ms. Christolyn Stephens (334) 683-4144 ext. 53003

School Coordinators

  • Francis Marion School

  • Parent Facilitator--Alecia Morton

  • Robert C. Hatch High School

  • Parent Facilitator--Evelyn Williams

Please visit the local Pre-K classes to register

The vision for Alabama children is,

"Every Child a Graduate--Every Graduate Prepared for College/Work/Adulthood in the 21st Century."

Parenting Tips

  1. Daily student attendance is very important. We encourage students to attend school the full day. When students check in late or check out early, they are missing instructional time. Attendance traits begins with Pre-k.

  2. Routine study habits assist students with academic success. Encourage students to review daily notes and have a discussion with students about their daily learning.

  3. Develop a positive, two-way communication with the teacher. If you have questions about an assignment, behavior or just to say hi--as a parent you have that RIGHT.

  4. Become a volunteer in the school. Contact parental involvement facilitators to find out about becoming a volunteer.

  5. Parents, you are a part of the school team!!!!!