Summary of the Perry County Board of Education Called Meeting June 11, 2020 6:00p.m.

Called Board Meeting

     On Thursday, June 11, 2020 the Perry County Board of Education conducted a called board meeting.  Due to Alabama’s stay at home order issued by Gov. Ivey, the meeting was conducted via Zoom video-conferencing.

     Board President Dr. Davis presided over the meeting.  The board selected Dr. Marcia Smiley from the five (5) candidates interviewed as the candidate to be offered the position of Superintendent of the Perry County School System

     Superintendent Heard had two (2) recommendations.

1.    To approve the revised 2020-2021 school calendar

2.    To approve the lowest bidder for the bid# BC No. 2019270 for the remodeling of the bathrooms on the ground floor in the main building at Robert C. Hatch


Board members comments:

Rev. Kirtdoll – Thanked Dr. Davis for the Superintendent’s process, Thanked Superintendent Heard for his leadership, and thanked the board for working together. Congratulated Dr. Smiley.


Mrs. Thomas –  Thanked Superintendent Heard and, congratulated Dr. Smiley.


Mr. Nichols – Congratulated Dr. Smiley, thanked Mr. Heard for his leadership.


Mrs. Foster – Congratulated Dr. Smiley, thanked Superintendent Heard, thanked

Ms. Jackson for coming before the board, and thanked board members for working together.


Dr. Davis – Congratulated Dr. Smiley.  Thanked Superintendent Heard for his leadership, thanked the board for a team effort.


Attorney Turner – Thanked Superintendent Heard. Dr. Smiley will be offered a contract.  Bids will be open Monday on the Westside property.


Planning for success