Perry County Board of Education- Regular Board Meeting June 29, 2020 6:00p.m.

Board Meeting

On Monday, June 29, 2020 the Perry County Board of Education conducted its monthly board meeting.  Due to Alabama’s stay at home order issued by Gov. Ivey, the meeting was conducted via Zoom video-conferencing.

After the adoption of the agenda Ms. Susan Salter from Alabama Association of School Boards reviewed Ms. Katrina Sewell’s, CFO evaluation results with the board.  The evaluation was composed of survey results from school board members, the superintendent and her peers.  Her average rating by the school boards was 3.0, 4.0 by the superintendent and 4.02 by her peers.

Superintendent Heard offered 20 recommendations for approval.

  • 3 general recommendations
  • 6 bid recommendations
  • 3 contracts
  • 6 personnel
  • 1 grant proposal
  • 1 CARES Act


    Superintendent Heard also gave closing remarks during his last official board meeting.  He thanked the board for 51 years.  Thirty-nine as an employee and 12 as a teacher.  He expressed appreciation for a great working relationship and all the many accomplishments they had achieved as a team.  He also wished Dr. Smiley success as she assumed the role of Superintendent.


    Dr. Davis, Board Chair presented the board with the proposed Superintendent’s contract that she and Dr. Smiley had tentatively agreed on.  Board members propose two changes.  First, that the contract be reduced from 4 to 3 years and second that Dr. Smiley resign her current position to becoming Superintendent. The contract was approved.  It was also approved that Dr. Smiley resign her current position prior to becoming Superintendent.


    Mr. Turner informed the board that Dr. Smiley would have to agree to the change they made to her contract before they would have a superintendent.


    He also discussed the bid on West Side School property.  He noted the bid of $30,000.00 was lower than the $50,000.00 appraised value but the board may consider the condition of the building and the materials that may be present in a construction of that age.  


    Board Members Comments;

    Rev. Eulas Kirtdoll – Whole Board Training, virtual school, contingency plan, congratulated Dr. Smiley and thanks Superintendent Heard.

    Mrs. Cheryle Thomas – Wished Superintendent Heard luck, honored to have been part of his team

    Mr. Donald Nichols – Thanked Mr. Heard for his service, you are a force in the State of Alabama Superintendents, congratulated Dr. Smiley.

    Mrs. Fransia Foster – The graduates were pleased with the graduations, thanked Mr. Heard for his leadership.

    Dr. Vera Davis –  No comments.

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