Perry County School Board Meeting- April 27, 2020

School Board Meeting Summary

On Monday, April 27, 2020, the Perry County Board of Education conducted its monthly board meeting.  Due to Alabama’s stay at home order issued by Gov. Ivey, the meeting was conducted via Zoom video-conferencing.


After the adoption of the agenda the Chief Finance (CFO) reviewed the April 30, 2020 Financial Statement.

Mr. Dexter Hinton, Mayor, City of Marion made public comments to the board concerning apprenticeship programs for water/sewer, diesel mechanics and industrial maintenance.

Student Advisors to the board – Ms. T’Keyah Threatt, Robert C. Hatch - Absent

Mr. Patrick Bates, Francis Marion School - Absent

Dr. Marcia Smiley, Assistant Superintendent gave an update on how the HIPPY and 21st Century programs were operating during the Academic Continuity Plan.

The Superintendent gave an update of the implementation of the Academic Continuity Plan 2019-2020.  He reported that students were receiving blended instruction both online and printed packets.  Teachers were connecting with students via zoom, U-Tube, phone calls, text, and homework help sites.  Modified work was being provided to special needs students.

Some problems that needed to be addressed included approximately 15% of the phone numbers provided by students did not work.  Approximately 20% of the students don’t have access to a reliable internet source.

Seven buses have been equipped with portable WiFi.  Fifty (50) hot spots have arrived and were being prepped to send out by mid-week.

Teachers and support staff have access to face mask and gloves.

The school meals program is serving approximately 200 students per day.

Mrs. Clementene Mosley – Reading Coach reviewed the beginning and mid-year reading assessment results.  DIBELS for grades K-3, Scantron Grade 3, Open Court Grades K-3 and Reading Street Grades 4-6.

Superintendent Heard also reviewed the Report Card – School Level Per Pupil Expenditures.

Lastly, the FY 2020 and FY 2021 LEA Unit Breakdown was reviewed.

An update on Facilities and Safety was presented.

The following recommendations were approved.

1.      The pay for the month of April

2.      The General Fund Bank Reconciliation Statement for the month of March 2020

3.      The work session minutes of March 16, 2020 and board meeting minutes of March 30, 2020


4.      CNP bids to be offered for food items and janitorial products

5.      E-rate bid to run fiber at Robert C. Hatch

6.      Agreement for grant writing services with Learn Design Apply, Inc

7.      That the FY 20 Annual Budget Amendment #1be approved


Board Members Comments;

Rev. Eulas Kirtdoll – Summer School Program, ACT Administration, and Counselors role.

Mrs. Cheryle Thomas – E-mail about Francis Marin receiving an award from CLAS.

Mr. Donald Nichols _ No comments.

Mrs. Fransia Foster – Scholarships and students applying for college.

Dr. Vera Davis – Update on the number of applicants for Superintendent, CFO Evaluation, comments and suggestions from Ms. Salters.

Date for work session.

Questions for applicants.

Attorney Robert Turner – Explained why the recommendation was pulled concerning the sale of Provewell, where superintendent’s vacancy was posted, and soliciting seal bids for the sale of Westside property.





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