Superintendent's Corner

Notes from the Superintendent

I, as Superintendent of Perry County Schools, am committed to providing the type of visionary leadership that will provide our students with the educational opportunities necessary for them to soar to heights unknown. Although we are in unprecedented times, it has not halted the district’s mission of creating college and career ready students through a balanced curriculum and high expectations in a safe environment.


The first day of school is scheduled to be August 24, 2020. We are adapting schedules and increasing our cleaning and personal hygiene activities to promote the healthiest instructional environment possible. As we plan for the reopening of school, your input is needed. A survey has been posted to the system’s website. The survey is designed to elicit responses from you in order to assist us in our planning for the upcoming school year. Please give serious thought to the questions in the survey and respond as soon as possible.


In accordance with Alabama State Superintendent, Dr. Eric Mackey’s release of the Roadmap to Reopening Schools, there will be an option for a traditional in person approach and a remote learning approach. Upon the release of Perry County’s Reopening School Plan, we will not only respect the rights of parents to choose the best option for their child; we will also support the parents and their child in maximizing the chosen option. As we plan for Perry County Schools to reopen, our main focus is the health, well-being, and safety of all of our students, personnel, and the community.


At the conclusion of Perry County Schools Reopening Committee and Sub-committee meetings, we will release more details of our reopening plan so parents can make an informed decision.


Dr. Marcia A. Smiley



Dr. Marcia Smiley

Dr. Marcia Smiley