Welcome to the Perry County Board of Education's Finance Department.  Our department is a vital component in the operation of the school system.  It is our goal to provide services to the students, faculty, and staff within Perry County School District that include payroll, accounting, purchasing, budgeting, employee benefits, fixed assets, and accounts payable.  We are striving to improve the efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness of business operations within our schools.

Mrs. Tressa Johnson
Chief School Finance Officer
334-683-4144, Ext. 53008

Ms. Coretta Jackson
Local School Accounting/CNP Bookkeeper
334-683 4144, Ext. 53021

Mrs. Emma Williams
Accounts Payable/Purchasing
334-683-4144, Ext. 53009

Mrs. Lisa Bamberg
Payroll/Human Resources
     334-683-4144, Ext. 53010