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Notes from the Superintendent
John H. Heard, III
John H. Heard, III


Welcome Back To School


    That magic time is here again.  The beginning of a new school year.  We are excited about the preparation our teachers, administrators and support staff have made to ensure that this year will be a phenomenal learning experience for each child.

       We will also be kicking off our Apple ConnectEd one-to-one initiative at Francis Marion School this year.  The long awaited student roll-out will be August 18, 2016.  We are grateful that President Obama had the vision to support such an initiative.  This initiative affords a system such as our, the opportunity to offer a transformational learning experience that we once could only dream of.

      This year our focus will be on attitude.  Our goal this year is to unleash the will in every student to strive for academic excellence.

      A winning attitude is essential if our students are going to achieve at high levels.  Our teachers and staff must believe our students can achieve at high levels and that they as educators can guide their success.

       Our students must have the belief that they are capable of achieving at the highest levels and be willing to work hard and reach their true potential.

       Our parents must value their children education.  We ask parents to support their children as they strive towards excellence by encouraging them to work hard, insisting that they study, explaining to them why education is so important and joining with their school as a team to ensure that every child reaches his or her full potential.

       Thomas Jefferson stated that “nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

       We encourage everyone to have the attitude that this can and will be a year with unprecedented academic growth.

        We have also started a new parental involvement/volunteer program.  The goal of the program is to improve student achievement through the enlistment of volunteers.  Volunteers are needed in all areas, instruction, sports, maintenance, grounds and facilities.  For more information, contact your local school principal.

       Our schools are vital to our community.  We are asking you to join with us and make them the best schools possible.



Submitted by John H. Heard, III, Superintendent

Perry County School System

For additional information call 334-683-6528, extension 270





 Virtual Education Coming to Perry County


       The Perry County Board of Education is excited to announce that it will offer a Virtual Education Option for students in grades 9-12 living in Perry County.  Students do not currently have to be enrolled in the Perry County School System to enroll in the Virtual Education Program.  Prior to becoming a virtual student, a child must enroll in the Perry County School System.

        The purpose of the Virtual Education Option is to work in partnership with students and parents to provide an alternative program of instruction to students that will benefit from a virtual program as a path to fulfill graduation requirements for the Perry County School District.

       The Virtual Education Option is designed to be an online, self-paced, individualized, program of instruction that offers students a non-traditional pathway to graduation in the Perry County School System.

       Eligibility Requirements include a child must enroll in the Perry County School System.  Must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA, adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and maintain consistent daily access (M-F) to the internet while school is in session.

       Superintendent John H. Heard, III stated that “the Virtual Option may not fit all students but is an option for students who want the flexibility online courses offer and have the self-motivation to pace their learning in a virtual environment.

       For additional information on requirements and procedures for enrolling your child in the Virtual Education Option contact Mrs. Malinda White at 334-683-4147, extension 280.